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Hibernation Diet : Lose Weight While You Sleep

The Hibernation Diet I was reading the other day about this book called the “Honey Hibernation Diet” and was amazed! Who would think that you could consume something sweeter than sugar, better tasting than most candy in my opinion, and lose weight? By just SLEEPING on top of that!!! Well, that’s what this diet instructs […]

Sleeping Late Can Be Costly

If you are part of the growing number of urban insomniacs, don’t take sleep too lightly. A study by the University of Warwick showed that those who cut their sleep from seven hours a night to five or less faced a 1.7-fold increased risk of death from all causes and more than double the risk […]

Difficult to Sleep? You Really-Really Need to Read This!!!

Don’t Scrimp on Sleep Sleep is a basic human need, as important for good health as diet and exercise. Sleep restores, rejuvenates and energizes our body and mind. When we sleep, our breathing and heartbeat slow down and our muscles relax. Our immunity systems are recharged in the process, cells regenerate and repair themselves, and […]